The Galaxy Z Flip4 was released as part of Samsung’s campaign to popularize foldable phones. This gadget comes with advanced software to complement its foldable design. It also features a big battery to last you longer, as well as an enhanced camera.

Recent market research shows that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is the most popular foldable TELUS phone in the market right now.

Samsung is taking it a notch higher by gathering data from their customers to determine what most people want in a foldable phone. They want to offer more than just the compactness that comes with most foldable phones.

Amongst the most impressive features in Galaxy Z Flip4 is the Flex mode. The Flex mode basically splits apps between the top and bottom of the screen when the device is folded halfway. It allows you to use the bottom part to navigate the top portion and easily manipulate your apps when in Flex mode.

This is a new feature that was introduced with Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 models. The feature works easily once you toggle it in the settings menu. Nevertheless, Samsung has announced plans to incorporate this feature into their older models as well.

Samsung is also introducing some new additions to the cover screen of the Z Flip4. The additional features that have been planned will make it easy for you to make phone calls, send quick replies to messages and take photos from the outer display of the phone.

The implementation of all these upgrades puts Samsung Galaxy Z Flip a step ahead of the competition. However, the one thing that is not clear is whether the extra functionality of the device’s cover and expansion of the Flex Mode is going to stir an interest in people who are not already into foldable phones.

But one thing is for sure; Samsung is paying close attention to upgrades in both the software and hardware of the Galaxy Z Flip4. This is especially essential when it comes to delivering the promise behind foldable phones.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is also getting all the upgrades that you will expect in any smartphone. According to Samsung, the device will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus gen processor. This new processor is an upgraded version of the technology that powers the Galaxy S22 series.

For the camera, the Galaxy Z Flip4 integrates features of Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy S22. The camera width and lenses are just as in the Galaxy Z Flip3. The  Z Flip4 comes with the improved nighttime photography of the Galaxy S22’s. This will give the Flip4 the ability to take magnificent nighttime portrait mode photos. The Z Flip4 battery will also get an upgrade so as to increase its capacity to 3,700-mAH from the 3,300-mAH in Flip3.

The design of the Z Flip4 only has a few refinements and has not changed much compared to its predecessor. The noticeable changes are its glossier finish and smaller hinge. However, the Z Flip4’s interior is 45% more durable. It also has more colour options, including bora purple, which Samsung introduced for Galaxy S22 together with blue, graphite and pink gold.

When compared with Z Flip3, the hardware design of Flip4 is very similar. More significant improvements are in the software, processor and camera.  

Nevertheless, the Galaxy Z Flip4 still marks an important turning point for Samsung’s folding phones. This is because foldable are going to move past what we are used to, simply having apps work across bendable screens. It will now be possible to enjoy apps that were not previously compatible with foldable phones.

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