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  • Save now with Stream+ starting as low as $20 per month with Unlimited plans.

When you activate or renew your Unlimited Mobility 5G+ or CAN-US plan, you can also get Canada’s first streaming bundle. Stream+ brings together Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, discovery+ and TELUS TV+.

You can enjoy 4 premium video streaming services and pay less with Stream+.

TELUS Services

Stream and save

Adding Stream+ is cheaper than paying for each service individually. You also have the freedom to cancel any time.

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So much to watch

You won’t run out of shows to watch with Stream+. There are shows added every week, and you can watch them on your phone, tablet, laptop and TV.

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Save money and your watch history

It’s easy to save money and keep your viewing history when you link your existing accounts for any of these services with Stream+.

Netflix favourites from Breaking Bad to Cobra Kai.

Comedy, action, fantasy and more is available to watch when you want, and as often as you want. Netflix has an extensive selection of films, TV shows, Netflix Originals and more.

Customize your video streaming experience thanks to Netflix Premium’s features:


Ultra HD content at your fingertips


Up to 4 devices can be streamed at once


Watch away from home with downloaded shows


Set up multiple profiles


Control what the kids are doing with parental controls

TELUS TV Stream+
Netflix Premium

Spend Five Days at Memorial and other compelling Apple Originals.

The compelling show Five Days at Memorial is just one example of the viewing added each week on Apple TV+. Watch films, TV series, documentaries, kids’ entertainment and Apple Originals. There’s something for everyone in the family.

The Apple TV+ experience includes these features:


Added ultra HD content


Ability to watch on 6 devices at once


Offline viewing with shows downloaded


Family profiles can be set up for each member


Parents can control the family profiles

Learn and enjoy with TLC, HGTV, discovery+ Originals and more.

The whole family will learn while being entertained with the selection of discovery+ Originals plus channels with options like Family Ancestry, Little People and How Do They Do It?

The variety will keep everyone entertained, and you’ll enjoy these added features:


Choose ultra HD content


Stream on up to 6 devices


Add a profile for each family member


Access parent controls with the family profiles

Apple TV

Watch TELUS TV+ shows with no extra cost.

Stream+ also includes the added bonus of TELUS TV+. You’ll get TELUS originals, TELUS Presents, STORYHIVE and maCommunauté shows, and the ability to watch them on your browser.

Add this special library of local and international shows and bonus features:


Enjoy ultra HD content


Enjoy streaming on 2 devices at once


Enjoy watching on your browser when you want

Add Stream+ and get streaming immediately

Get streaming now when you add Stream+ after selecting a plan. You can also get it from your My TELUS account. It’s simple to watch when you’re ready, using your phone, tablet, laptop and TV. Then link the existing accounts you have for Netflix and other streaming services. That means your viewing history will be saved, and your wallet will save money too. Then cancel at any time if you choose.

Frequently asked questions

What steps should I take if I already have an AppleTV+, Netflix or discovery+ account?

Step 1 is to add Stream+. Step 2 is to link your existing accounts for these streaming services to TELUS. That will ensure your billing is transferred, and will also ensure you don’t lose your watch history, preferences and account settings.

I’ve added Stream+, so how do I start streaming shows?

It’s easy to add Stream+ and then log in to My TELUS. From there you will activate your Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and discovery+ accounts. You will also link any existing accounts for a streaming service, including Netflix, Apple TV+ or discovery+, through My TELUS. You don’t have to activate TELUS TV+. You simply navigate your browser to and log in with your My TELUS credentials. It’s that easy to get watching now.

My TELUS Optik TV package already has a Netflix account. What should I do?

That can create the issue of being double-billed for Netflix. To avoid that, pick an alternative premium option, such as Crave, as part of your Optik TV package. Simply login to My TELUS, where you can easily update your Optik TV package.

How can I cancel Stream+?

It’s easy to cancel a Stream+ add-on at any time through My TELUS. Our support article provides detailed steps to cancel.

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