Just wanted to let you know about the amazing service my parents received from your staff at the Telus store. They are in their 70’s and not real tech savvy so your managers patience was greatly appreciated. She also made sure their needs were met in regards to what they required in a phone plan at the best price.
Her excellent customer service, professionalism and genuine kindness was greatly appreciated by them, and by me!

Donna B. & Ed and Barb B.

I’d like to highlight the superb, above-and-beyond service I have received from one of your stores.

I went into one of your stores yesterday a bit flustered and I was hoping to get the new iphone. I went to Rogers who had the phone I wanted, but the plan wasn’t as good as the Telus small business Plan which I’d had emailed to me from the Telus small business customer care centre the week prior. I showed this email and she said that to her knowledge this was for a 2 activation minimum, but she would check incase. I was in a rush and had to get going. I left a bit frustrated and waited to hear from Her.

She let me leave the store, carry on with my day, and kept me up to date every step of the way with phone calls and emails.


I have to say, I am so used to crappy customer service these days that all of this effort and communication blew me away. I was chatting about it at dinner with some friends and family last night and everyone else was also impressed by the lengths she went to to retain me as a Telus customer and get me what I wanted.

You have a gem there, and I hope that you will recognize her for her efforts. It would be great if all customer service was this good. Great hire!

Yours truly, Lindsay T.

This morning I asked for a supervisor’s email. I wanted to formally express my gratitude for one of your staff members and her continued exceptional customer service.

Whenever I go to Telus, I’m happy when I see her working.  She always makes my experience so positive.  Her customer service is exceptional; knowledgeable, friendly, explains options so well – makes my visit easy & I always walk away a bit happier.

 Whether I’ve got a billing inquiry, want a US calling/texting plan (I travel often) or like today I needed a phone case & cord – 100% of the time my service is excellent. 

 She greeted me by name as I approached today, wow – how great is that!  You don’t often see this in today’s busy society. 

 For reasons mentioned above, I will be a long-term Telus client.

 Hope you both have a wonderful day. 


Holly N.

I’m not sure who to contact about this but I had an absolutely phenomenal koodo rep, he helped me right away and was very kind and courteous about doing so.

Nelson K

Thanking Custom for always having such great customer service and thats a big reason that I have everything through TELUS.

I specifically wanted to give a “pat on the back” to your manager for going above and beyond, I was thrilled with the service and expertise I received from him.

Darla M.

I upgraded my phone tonight. The rep was amazing. She went over and above what I expected. She was knowledgeable, transferred all my data etc. and stayed late well after her shift just to help me get set up. I got a great deal and really had fun while I was there. Thanks and I love my new phone and case


Stephanie S.