TELUS Wireless Home Phone

No on-site booking of installers, no jacks to install – just unplug and go.

Easy Setup

TELUS Wireless Home Phone does not require a technician or traditional landline wiring to install – making it simple to setup. Instead, it is plug and play – you can even keep the home phone number you already have.

TELUS Wireless Home Phone


With TELUS Wireless Home Phone, you can experience the convenience of being connected anywhere. It can be used at home, or unplugged and taken with you to the cottage, office, or on a weekend getaway. Missing calls or having voicemails piling up is a thing of the past!

TELUS Wireless Home Phone

Cost Saving

The TELUS Wireless Home Phone is cheaper than a traditional landline. And for a low monthly price you get unlimited calling nationwide and five included voice features – Conference Calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Display, and Voicemail 25. You can also add international calling options to China, the US, India, and 50 other countries.