TELUS Home Phone

Home Phone

With our customizable plans and reliable service, you can feel confident in your home phone connection when working at home or communicating with your loved ones.

Home Phone Lite

A basic plan to enjoy a reliable landline connection.
1 calling feature
Unlimited local calling
Call Control – Basic

Home Phone

An all-inclusive Home Phone package with 9 calling features.
Includes all 9 calling features
Unlimited local calling
Call Control – Basic

Features – Home Phone


Call Display

See the number and name of incoming callers.

Call Reveal

Require call display and request UNKOWN and PRIVATE callers unblock their numbers.

Call Screen

Send callers from pre-arranged numbers to the standard recording.

Call Waiting

Answer a second call when already on the phone.


Forward incoming calls to a personalized voice mailbox with a No-Answer or Busy condition.

3 Way Calling

Add a third person to the established call.

Call Return

Retrieve the number of the last incoming call, whether you answered or not.

Call Forward

All incoming calls forwarded automatically to a number specified by the customer.

Smart Ring

Add a second number to an existing individual line service – with a distinct double or triple ring.

Home Phone Call Control

Tired of all those robo-calls? With Call Control you can limit home many unsolicited calls you receive by asking callers to enter a specific number on their keypad, proving that they are a real-life caller and not a robot.

How it works

With Call Control turned on, callers will hear a recording requesting that they enter a number using their keypad. This quick ask prevents robo-calls from getting through but is easy enough so as to not deter legitimate callers.

Put specific phone numbers on your accepted callers list and allow friends, family, and familiar callers to skip Call Control. You can also add people (or robo-callers) to your blocked callers list to prevent contact.

Call Control – Basic
Call Control – Premium
Accepted callers list
Maximum 25 numbers
Maximum 100 numbers
Blocked callers list
Maximum 25 numbers
Maximum 100 numbers
Call log
View last 10 calls
View last 100 calls