Traversing the vast expanse of Canada’s telecommunications sector to discover a provider that harmonizes seamlessly with your requirements and budget can prove to be a formidable undertaking. Amidst the multitude of available choices, TELUS distinguishes itself not only for its outstanding services but also for its exclusive Employee Purchase Program. In this comprehensive investigation, we will delve into the intricacies of the TELUS EPP, uncovering its myriad benefits, significant savings, and distinctive features that establish it as the top choice for Canadians in search of unmatched connectivity solutions.

The TELUS Employee Partner Program (EPP) is specifically structured for employees linked with partner organizations, delivering perks that surpass the standard services available to the public. Whether you’re currently a satisfied TELUS customer or contemplating a change, the EPP offers unique advantages tailored to fulfill both personal and professional requirements.

Gaining entry to the Employee Purchase Program is a simple procedure. Being associated with a participating organization provides special access to savings and features. Confirming eligibility through your workplace, professional association, or affiliated group is the essential step to unlock this exclusive program, opening the door to personalized benefits that cater to your specific needs.

A notable characteristic of the program is its varied range of offerings, distinguishing it from traditional choices available in the market.

Discounted TELUS EPP Plans and Devices:

Access significant price reductions on mobile plans, the latest iPhone 15 series, Samsung Galaxy S24 series, and many other devices through the Program, guaranteeing cost-effective entry to state-of-the-art technology.

Flexible Options:

Customize your plan and device costs with adaptable choices like Bring Your Device (BYOD), Bring It Back, $0 Upfront, and more, catering to diverse needs and moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Exclusive Promotions:

Enjoy exclusive access to time-limited offers, bundled packages, and extra features specifically available to TELUS EPP members. Explore promotional deals for Home Security, TV, and Internet within the offerings.

Enhanced Customer Support:

Benefit from prioritized access to top-notch customer service, ensuring a smooth experience from initial setup to troubleshooting.

Gaining cost savings via the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program EPP is a substantial benefit for both individuals and professionals.

Affordable Mobile Plans:

Delight in reduced-rate plans with unlimited data allowances, unlimited calling, and international choices, leading to significant savings on TELUS 5G network. 

Device Discounts and Trade-In Initiatives:

Take advantage of price cuts on the latest smartphones and explore opportunities to trade in older devices, effectively lowering overall expenses.

Bundled Savings:

Merge mobile, internet, and TV services for additional TELUS EPP discounts, delivering comprehensive communication and entertainment solutions at cost-effective rates.

Joining the TELUS Employee Purchase Program EPP is a hassle-free process designed for ease:

Verify TELUS EPP Eligibility:

Ensure you qualify by checking with your workplace’s HR department or the Custom Cellular website. Click here to check your eligibility  TELUS EPP Eligibility.

Enter the EPP Portal:

Once eligibility is confirmed, explore the array of plans, devices, and promotions available through the TELUS EPP website. 

Pick Your Device and the Plan:

Select the device and the plan that best suits your needs from the variety of options presented. 

Secure Your Devices:

Finalize the order through the portal, choosing between convenient in-store pick-up or doorstep delivery.

Activate and Enjoy:

Follow our straightforward activation process upon receiving your device to promptly access EPP benefits.

Additional insights:


Exclusively for employees of partner organizations, eligibility verification is done through TELUS website. Note that specific benefits and offerings can vary, with eligibility criteria typically determined by the employer’s partnership with us.

Transition for Existing Customers:

Existing eligible customers may be able to migrate. Visit the website to  check eligibility and get in touch with the Custom Cellula team team for assistance.

Device Variety:

TELUS offers an extensive selection of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, accessories catering to our customers.

In summary, TELUS  Exclusive Partner Program EPP underscores the company’s commitment to providing exceptional value to customers. Whether you’re an individual seeking cost-effective EPP plans or an organization in need of personalized solutions for your employees, we offer unparalleled benefits. It goes beyond being a typical telecommunications solution; it serves as a portal to a more connected, efficient, and affordable way of staying linked. Experience a unique approach to telecommunications today, exploring a realm of connectivity that goes beyond the ordinary in the expansive Canadian landscape.

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