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  • Stay connected anywhere with high-speed Mobile Internet
  • Connect up to 20 devices with the Smart Hub
  • Data plan that fits your needs


Setting up a temporary office or satellite office is now easier with our mobile data solutions. You can easily install our equipment and set up your office without having to pull wires. It’s easy, fast, and effective – for companies who are looking to grow and mobilize faster.


Get 4G and LTE Speeds from almost anywhere. Do you need to make unlimited calls or stream data from remote locations? Our mobile solutions are unique and capable of handling your business needs.


Get your teams together and enable them to work faster and better remotely. By accessing the internet from any location and time zone, they can get access information and make key decisions easier.Whether you are working in a rural area, or in an area where high-speed internet has limited availability, our mobile internet solutions can be a competitive advantage for your business.


Did you know using our mobile internet, can allow you to connect to the internet using multiple devices. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, computer, smartTV, phone system, car, digital display or kiosk – our mobile internet solution can give data at your finger tips.

Novatel Wireless MiFi 7000

A powerful battery keeps devices connected and charged all day long. Connects up to 15 devices for up to 24 hours.

The Captive 2.4” touch colour display delivers essential device information in a simple way.

Share files with connected devices on the local, secure, Wi‑Fi network from a USB‑C memory stick.

iProduct Description
Novatel Wireless MiFi 7000, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, Wall Charger, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
2.4” colour touch screen LCD
4400 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Internal Memory
  Weight / Dimensions
152g, 109mm x 67mm x 18mm
Sim Card
Nano SIM

ZTE MF833 Mobile Internet Key

Simply plug The ZTE MF833 Mobile Internet Key into your laptop’s USB port and easily access the internet via the reliable and fast TELUS wireless network.

The secure 1-to-1 connection minimizes the many risks associated with using public and private WiFi hotspot.

iProduct Description
ZTE MF833 mobile internet key, QSG and Warranty Card
LTE FDD B2/4/5/7/12(MFBI), UMTS B1/2/4/5/8, GSM Quad Band, Peak data rate: DL/UL 150/50 Mbps @ FDD Mode (CAT4)
  Weight / Dimensions

ZTE MF288 Smart Hub

iProduct Description
Smart Hub Device, AC Wall Adapter, Battery, Antennas, Phone Cable, Ethernet Cable
3000 mAh
Internal Memory
  Weight / Dimensions
160 x 160 x 33 (mm)
Sim Card
Nano SIM

Keep the team connected wherever business travel takes them

No matter where your team roams, they can take their phones and the Internet with them. The ZTE MF288 LTE Smart Hub keeps everyone connected on the ultra-fast TELUS 4G LTE network as if they were all in the office. The mobile Internet device supports up to 20 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously, plus four wired Ethernet connections.

The speed they need for all their devices

The ZTE MF288 Smart Hub provides Internet access for up to 20 Wi-Fi devices – such as smartphones, laptops and tablets simultaneously plus four wired connections via Ethernet without sacrificing speed. With download speeds up to 750 Mbps on the TELUS 4G LTE network, employees stay connected and productive.

Reliable backup battery keeps business on track

The 3000 mAh removable backup battery ensures a reliable Internet connection so conference calls can carry on and data stays protected – even in a power outage.

Just plug it in and get to work

The ZTE MF288 mobile Internet device can be used anywhere in the TELUS coverage area where there is a power outlet and a cellular signal. Just plug it in and everyone is good to go.

ZTE MF279 Smart Hub

Smart Hub simultaneously connects up to 20 Wi‑Fi enabled devices, plus one wired connection via Ethernet.

The 3000 mAh backup battery can keep you browsing even in a power outage.

Portable and easy setup. Use it anywhere in the TELUS coverage area that has a power outlet and a cellular signal.

iProduct Description
Device, Wall Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Quick Start Guide
3000 mAh
Internal Memory
Modem baseband processor 256MB, Application Processor 128MB
  Weight / Dimensions
450 g/160mm×160mm×33mm
LTE: 2, 4,5,12,13,30,7,26 LTE 2xCA: 2+4, 2+12, 4+12, 2+5, 4+5, 2+7, 4+7, 7+7 (non-contiguous) Supported 3G Modes/Bands: B2/B4/B5
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