Homeowners are looking for ways to protect their home and family. Even those who often stay home are finding solutions to keep them safe in the comfort of there home. Luckily, people can make use of a home security system to ensure their families’ safety while they are away. However, as beneficial as it is, only a few are completely knowledgeable on how these can help keep their loved ones safe.

So how exactly can a home security system keep your family safe from harm?

Surveillance Cameras

First up,  home security system would need surveillance cameras around the property for monitoring. It gives homeowners the ability to check around their homes through video surveillance even when they are out of the house.

This way, one can immediately know if there is something suspicious going on. You’ll be able to act upon it. In addition, you would have video footage to view the incidence or use as proof in a worst-case scenario. For instance, if you see an unknown person loitering inside your property, then you may immediately call for authorities.

With video surveillance, people and visitors also become wary of their actions. Any malicious attempts most likely are prevented as they become aware that they can easily be identified. Doorbell cameras that allow you to see and speak with whoever is at your doorstep are also a convenient tool to ensure no unwanted visitors. It is also a plus that this works even when you’re not home. There are affordable versions you can buy from TELUS.

Surveillance cameras can also be of significant assistance to busy mothers, as they can monitor their children especially those being cared for by nannies to ensure that they are being cared for properly. Those with elder family members under the care of caregivers could also be monitored. Lastly, one can also use this for furry family members that are constantly left alone at home.

Home Alarm System

Next, we have set up a home alarm system. In case video surveillance would not suffice, especially for those who are too busy to constantly monitor the house, setting up alarms and detectors around your property would be a smart choice.

This way, you will immediately receive alerts in case someone breaks into your property. It also includes anyone entering or exiting your house most especially at nighttime when you and your family are most vulnerable. In this case, we are not only talking about strangers trespassing, but also children attempting to sneak out and other similar cases.

Other than that you may also install other alarms for your and your family’s benefit. For instance, you may set up detectors for fire, flood, and carbon monoxide so that in a worst-case scenario when your kid is left alone in these situations, you can immediately call for help or return home.

Smart Home Devices

Managing your home despite not being present is also another way to safeguard your family from danger. Purchasing smart home devices from companies like TELUS is also a worthwhile addition to your overall home security as it allows you to control your smart appliances through an app anytime and anywhere you are.

For instance: surveillance cameras, house alarms, appliances, lighting, and door openers can all be controlled via remote access. This way, any unlocked doors and lights left on can easily be locked or shut off even when you’re already out of the house.

With smart home devices like these, there are no worries about overheating appliances or wasteful energy consumption in case any of them gets left turned on as you may turn it off immediately. Also, in case a family member forgets their keys, you can easily let them in as you have the authority to unlock doors.


With a smart home device, a home alarm system, and video surveillance, you can rest assured that your family is kept safe even in break-in situations as you may lock windows and doors while waiting for authorities to arrive. Moreover, there are camera footages that will be useful in investigations or simple monitoring. So if you have the budget, then invest in solid home security and smart devices.

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