Businesses large and small can gain tremendous advantages by using GPS tracking for vehicles and other valuable assets. GPS fleet tracking can be extremely beneficial, even for companies with just a few vehicles to look after. The significant cost savings from optimizing routes and employee behaviours and work time contribute to a GPS tracking system paying for itself in just a short time.

You may be shocked to learn how much seemingly unimportant driving behaviours can affect your bottom line. Bad driving habits can substantially impact fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles. TELUS Fleet Management systems can greatly reduce unnecessary expenses, theft, loss, and wasted employee hours.

GPS Tracking with TELUS Fleet Management

TELUS fleet management offers a consolidated GPS tracking system on one convenient cloud-based platform. It allows you to keep track of company vehicles, important assets, and employee activity in real-time to streamline services and productivity. It is also a great way to enhance overall security for your business.

Business Advantages of TELUS GPS Fleet Tracking

While the biggest benefit of GPS tracking may be the cost savings it provides, there are many other excellent advantages to consider as well.

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Timely deliveries
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risks
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Tremendous value

Efficient Use of Resources 

TELUS fleet management systems can help improve organization and workflows to ensure you are making the most of the resources available to you. GPS tracking helps identify inefficient business practices to improve safety and performance. For example, the ability to see where all your vehicles and drivers are at any given time helps ensure the best worker is selected for the job. Driver hours are logged electronically so dispatch is aware of availability for spontaneous job requests.

Timely Deliveries

Provide your customers with realistic estimates for deliveries and job completion by optimizing driver routes based on real-time updates regarding traffic and road works. This also helps improve customer relations because they know what to expect. This includes keeping customers updated with any unforeseen complications that may delay deliveries or task completion. 

This type of work order efficiency is effective for getting more jobs done properly on a daily basis to boost overall company productivity.

Increased Productivity

More efficient organization and vehicle deployment can help boost productivity for daily job completion. Get more tasks done per day with a streamlined workflow and systematic task assignment. Dispatch workers will have clear visibility into vehicle locations and employee working hours to quickly determine the best person for the task at hand. 

Reduced Risks 

Keep vehicles, assets, and employees safer with TELUS Fleet Management. Continuous visibility of the real-time location of vehicles and assets helps prevent loss and theft. Tracking driver behaviours is also effective for enhancing employee safety. Cutting out costly and dangerous driving habits like speeding, abrupt stops and starts, and careless driving is a great way to lower expenses and increase driver safety. 

GPS tracking also monitors the requirements for regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance to reduce the risk of expensive repairs and replacements.

Enhanced Customer Service

Assigning the right employee to the task results in better job efficiency to keep more customers happy. Reduced delivery times or the amount of time needed to get a job done means greater customer satisfaction. Also, providing customers with realistic estimates helps manage expectations and avoid complaints and grievances. 

Tremendous Value

All in all, TELUS GPS Fleet Tracking services offer incredible value for your dollar. Return on investment is quickly realized with all of the amazing features and benefits included in the TELUS Fleet Management system. Improvements in efficiency, security, productivity, use of resources, and customer satisfaction end up paying for themselves several times over. 

GPS tracking helps you keep a close eye on your valuables and workers for better insight into which practices work for your business and which practices should be eliminated or improved upon.

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