TELUS is offering an Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) to company employees. The program is aimed at helping employees save on their monthly expenditures. Companies that consider the welfare of their employees may partner with TELUS to get the benefits of the program.   

The Benefits to the Members when Joining the TELUS EPP  

  1. All-time Access  

TELUS EPP members can always reap the benefits of ongoing promotions by shopping on the Custom Cellular EPP website. It offers a convenient and simple experience. You may choose to receive your order either by delivery at your doorstep or by pickup at a TELUS Store near you.   

  1. Enormous savings  

Employees can purchase a new device without having to pay upfront. Also, they can upgrade to newer devices at little to no cost on their TELUS smartphones. 

  1. Lesser price on the latest TELUS mobile phone, including Samsung Galaxy and iPhones  

TELUS EPP offers deals and promotions on Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel, and the latest iPhones. EPP program includes the latest iPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy S23 series as well as Google Pixel 7 series.  

  1. Special discount on monthly plans  

The offers include exclusive deals and discounts on monthly unlimited data plans for a continuing value.  One of the best benefits for TELUS EPP members is the ability to save money on a monthly basis on data plans and features. There is also a reduction in the wireless plan cost.   

  1. Reliable customer service  

Custom Cellular TELUS, customer service professionals are reliable in assisting EPP members whenever there are any issues or questions with their accounts or products.  

Benefits of Company Employer in Partnering with TELUS EPP 

Joining TELUS EPP provides substantial advantages to companies. They can increase work productivity by allowing their employees to buy new personal cell phones. Discounts on phones and plans also allow the company to minimize costs while increasing profitability. 

Perks of TELUS EPP to Companies  

  • TELUS EPP will make sure the company employees are receiving the most up-to-date TELUS EPP deals and offers.  
  • Provision of designated account managers from the companies for TELUS EPP.  

Role of TELUS EPP Account Manager

  • Promote the campaign to increase customer awareness.  
  • Communicate the benefits of the EPP program.  
  • Providing guidance to company employees to make sure they have access to the most recent TELUS deals and gadgets.  
  • Provide post-sales support to ensure new phones and plans are set up correctly. 

Offers and deals of TELUS EPP  

The following are the various offers and deals of the program: 

  • New phones start at $0 Upfront   
  • Exclusive discounts on Unlimited data plans  
  • Special offers on TELUS Internet , TV  and Home security and more  

Checking if Your Company is in Partnership with TELUS EPP  

Many times, employees may need to be made aware of the programs their companies are involved in. It usually happens in large businesses. Hence, you need to check if your company is already a member of TELUS EPP.  

Knowing if your company or group is already a TELUS EPP partner will allow you to receive even more benefits from the program. Once you find out that you are entitled to the benefits of TELUS EPP, you should quickly grab any of these:  

  • Deals for your membership  
  • Important discounts  
  • Savings  

Moreover, you may grab the opportunity of getting the new and latest smartphone you might want or have been desiring for such a long period of time. Plus, the good news is that it is at a lower price and with a minimized monthly cellular plan.  

Selective List of Eligible Organizations and Companies   

TELUS EPP has a long list of trusted groups of organizations and businesses as clients. Employees of these companies are eligible to participate in this program.   

  • Associations  
  • Banks  
  • Corporations  
  • Organizations  
  • Realtors  
  • Unions  

The employees or workers on the selective list are qualified to connect and join with TELUS EPP. However, the list may include more, making it a thorough list.  

Final Thoughts 

The Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) from TELUS is committed to helping its partners in acquiring their desired cell phones and save on monthly plans through its promotions, special offers, and discounts. TELUS EPP, makes it easier to get a new phone at a lower price and with a lower cost monthly cell phone plan.    

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