Our home is our refuge, the place where we create cherished memories and store our valuable things. Therefore, we have to protect it in every way possible. One of the best ways to do this is by having a home security service, such as the one offered by TELUS Home Security. Custom Cellular is extending special promotional offers to TELUS EPP and Consumer customers. 

No matter where we live, whether we dwell in a crowded urban area or a peaceful suburban neighbourhood, we should not take the security aspect of our home lightly. To help you understand the benefits of a Home Security System, read the sections below.

Preventing Burglaries

The best thing about having such a system is that it will instantly make an intruder reconsider their action when they see the presence of cameras and a Home Alarm System in your house. Yes, it does this even if the system is not fully working. However, the system that is not live has no way to monitor, protect and notify about security breaches.  

Safeguarding Family Members

When it comes to residential security, your valuable possessions should not be your only priority. Your family members are more essential than all of your material goods. Fortunately, with an abundance of cameras and other gadgets, you can find out about their safety easily.

Distant Monitoring

Many security devices may now be linked to the online world, allowing you to watch your house from afar. Whether you are at the office or on vacation, you can just open your mobile device and check what is happening around and inside your home.

Asset Protection

Your home’s contents, such as electrical devices and vehicles, are all significant assets that must be preserved. By implementing a security precaution, even something as simple as a Home Alarm System, you can receive notifications when an intruder tries to take any of those items.

Affordable Home Insurance

Having a house insurance policy will make you very grateful, especially in an event where the worst happens. However, insurance plans tend to be expensive. When you have a safety system in place, the insurance company will most likely give you a more affordable insurance rate.

Quick Emergency Response

Many home security systems today may immediately alert emergency authorities and teams when they identify a threat in your home. You will also receive an emergency signal if something goes wrong at the property if you make use of the smartphone integration feature.


Knowing that your home is secure while you are away will undoubtedly provide you with a sense of comfort and security. No more wondering and worrying about whether you switched off the stove or locked all the windows. The system will always keep an eye on these things.

Integration of Smart Home Devices

Previously, we discussed how a house security system may provide remote surveillance and rapid emergency response. All of this is made possible by the ability to integrate smart home gadgets and devices into the system, which makes it simple to keep your house secure.

Documentation of Evidence

Nobody expects a burglar to break into their home. However, if this happens to you, you will want as much proof as possible. Installing security cameras and other monitoring systems will provide you with enough information to identify the perpetrator.

Expandable Security System

Lastly, you should be grateful that today’s modern security systems are highly adaptive and expandable. You can add any number of gadgets as you like to the system to meet your requirements and provide you with peace of mind. 

The Bottom Line

There are numerous advantages to having a service like the one provided by TELUS Home Security. It not only adds an extra layer of defence against robbers and invaders, but it also boosts your confidence while you are away from home.

A home without a security system is particularly susceptible. It turns the valuables you keep inside it into easy targets for criminals. Whether you are renting or owning the property, you will undoubtedly appreciate the advantages of a Home Security System.

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