The introduction of tablet mobile devices has drastically changed the way managers and business owners run their operations. Among the various models available, Apple’s iPad has become a popular choice for professional and commercial users.

Surprisingly, although we are already familiar with the TELUS Apple iPad, it appears that many of us are unaware of how this compact gadget might help us perform better in a variety of commercial and workplace settings. 

So, to assist you in understanding how, we’ll show you the greatest iPad accessories and programs to help you convert the tablet into a fantastic productivity tool.

Maximizing iPad Productivity with the Right Accessories

Apple iPads have grown in popularity as a result of their adaptability and versatility. However, you should be aware that the key to making an iPad into a business tool is to outfit it with the appropriate accessories. 

Here are some products to consider if you want to improve company productivity and tablet usability.

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

The Apple Smart Folio Keyboard does not need charging and will connect instantly when you attach it to your iPad, making it a very practical device for business professionals. Moreover, Apple has created a wide range of models, so you should be able to find a suitable one for your iPad tablet.

Apple Smart Folio Case

Apple Smart Folio Case is the more reasonable product to buy if you only need external device protection and without the need for a keyboard. The best thing about this Apple device is that it is lightweight enough to carry around every day but durable enough to provide protection for your tablet.

Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil will provide you with the sensation of using a regular pen, making it a great gadget to get if you draw a lot on your iPad. The gesture controls also make it a suitable device even if you are not an illustrator or a drawer.

POS System for Small Business

A POS System is also another must-have gadget if you run a small shop or restaurant. This device allows you to easily record any of your transactions and it also lets you monitor the performance of your business easily. Overall, it will instantly transform your iPad into a powerful commercial hub.

Optimizing Work Efficiency with iPad Applications

Developers have provided the iPad with all sorts of programs and developed numerous applications to help you greatly enhance your productivity rates. As a business owner, you can consider the apps listed below to further boost the performance of your business and streamline your commercial processes.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This one is an Office Suite that Microsoft has specifically developed for mobile tablet devices. Simply download this program and you will be able to easily create and edit documents with your iPad.


OneDrive is another mobile-specific application that Microsoft has created to boost professional processes. Using this cloud-storage service, one can easily share and exchange files with others, allowing instant collaboration with team members.


Slack is another very beneficial app for business owners and professionals. This helps keep team members and workmates well-communicated by allowing them to do virtual meetings,  exchange chat messages and share documents through numerous dedicated channels.


Trello is a project management app that allows one to assign a task to a team member and easily monitor work progress. You can also integrate it with other services to further improve workflow efficiency.


While business card exchange may not be common for many of us, it is still popular in some commercial fields, especially during meetings, conventions and exhibitions. Luckily, when you have CamCard on your iPad, you can easily capture and record business details.


DocuSign is another important application to have on your Apple tablet if you are a business professional. This one lets you review documents and sign them when you are on the go, further simplifying your work process.

The Takeaway

The iPad is something that many of us are already familiar with. Many of us have been using the well-known iPad for many years, yet we often limit our use of the gadget to entertainment and education. 

With the tips provided above, you can see how the iPad can be quite useful for business purposes as well as for Personal and TELUS EPP use when equipped with the appropriate accessories and apps. Try the recommendations above and see how they can help your business run more smoothly.

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