Are you a fan of online mobile games? There is no doubt that a great device will help you to maneuver your way around, conquer other players and become the winner. If you have received the latest Apple iPhone from TELUS, playing games with it must be exciting. Different Apple iPhones have various capabilities of ensuring that you enjoy the games.

On iPhone 12, you can access a lot of exciting games, which is great news. Apple iphone 12 provides a variety of games you can enjoy, as listed below:

  • Genshim Impact

The perfect phone to play this game is iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 because it will allow you to explore. In this game, you can unlock plenty of adventure, magical powers, and characters. Like with many games, this game does not allow access to every weapon or character. Therefore, you have to maneuver and unlock the limitations through creativity.

While playing Genshim Impact, you will enjoy unique activities because of the beautiful art direction and the memorable characters. Moreover, the game has updates that help in knowing when you’ve lost players to maintain a stable player count.

  • Brawl Star

The makers of famous games such as Boom Beach, Clash of Clan, and Clash Royale introduced Brawl Star. The best thing about this game is that you can invite as many friends as you wish to play with you until you reach the maximum team size.

In this game, you battle against other players to kill them to enable you to gain new characters and skills. As a player, you will choose Brawlers that you have unlocked through the Brawl Pass. The big screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will enable you to enjoy the game more and have fun in the multiplayer battle arena.

  • Grindstone

Did you have fun while playing puzzle games or RPGs on your iPhone 12 Pro? Then you will enjoy playing Grindstone on iPhone mini. The game allows you to act like a barbarian character, overcome monsters along the way and reach the end.

To gain rainbow gems or increase the attack power, you have to conquer the monsters. Using attacks, you will manage to clear the enemies. Moreover, you will relish the color-matching puzzles and mechanics.

  • Pokemon Go

iPhone 12‘s long battery life will enable you to enjoy Pokemon since it will allow you to explore outdoors and improve on training pokemon. While playing, you can meet new friends and enjoy achieving various missions.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

The shooter game is now available on Apple’s app store and has been embraced by many people. Every month, the mobile version of the game records about 1 billion hours of playtime. More people have downloaded it, and numbers keep on shooting each day.

The best thing about the game on iPhone 12 Pro Max is that it adds new content all the time to make it more enjoyable for the players. It has the same developers as Tencent Games and TiMi Studios.

  • Subway Surfers

If you enjoyed playing Temple Run, you would also have fun while playing Subway Surfer. The two are similar since they involve an endless running game. For you to maneuver the character painlessly, you will need a small-sized phone such as iPhone 12 mini.

  • Ink Inc

The perfect phone to play this game is the iPhone 12 Pro. The phone will help you in the journey of actualizing the dream of being a tattoo artist. While it is not a thriller game like the rest, it allows the player to enjoy the tattoo simulation process. It is, however, addictive, but you will have unlimited fun while playing. The game will help tattoo artists to set their businesses and grow them.

Final Words 

The Apple iPhone from TELUS offers a variety of games that you can play and enjoy. The improved screen features and size of the devices allow the player to enjoy the game more and have a better experience. With these devices, you can be assured of the great experience you will have while playing the games mentioned above.

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