Managing a group of vehicles for your business can be stressful and time consuming without the right equipment and organization. GPS tracking devices allow you to see where all your vehicles are in real time to avoid confusion, loss, and theft. GPS tracking provides insight into your driver’s habits and behaviors to cut down on superfluous expenses and vehicle damage. Improve productivity, efficiency, and security with TELUS GPS vehicle trackers.

TELUS GPS Fleet Tracking

Delivering superior organization and safety, the TELUS Fleet Tracking system offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform to handle all your vehicle management needs.

Some of the amazing advantages of using GPS vehicle tracking devices for your business, include:

  • Boost Productivity
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Reduce Unnecessary expenses
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Improve customer service

Boost Productivity

Knowing where all your vehicles and drivers are in real time can really help ramp up daily productivity for your business. Instead of having to constantly call around to see who is available for what job, all data is electronically logged and can be mapped for clear and precise visibility. Complete more tasks and deliveries in a day by assigning the right worker to the job quickly and accurately.

Optimize Efficiency

Route optimization is simple and straightforward to maximize job efficiency. TELUS GPS fleet tracking provides useful data on a variety of points such as engine status, fuel consumption, driver behaviours, driver hours logged, and routes traveled to provide dispatch and managers with comprehensive details for more informed decision making.

GPS fleet management is becoming the norm in transportation and a range of other industries due to the exceptional technological advantage it delivers for maximizing profits and security.

Reduce Unnecessary Expenses

Poor driving habits can have a larger impact on your bottom line than your might think. GPS tracking helps monitor driver activity to ensure they are not engaging in any wasteful or dangerous habits. Some driver habits that can increase expenses significantly include:

  • Speeding – driving over the speed limit increases fuel consumption considerably
  • Speeding also puts drivers at risk for expensive fines
  • Excessive idling – another needless waste of fuel that happens more often than it should
  • Rapid acceleration and abrupt stops – puts excessive wear on vehicle components and can be dangerous
  • Taking unauthorized breaks or detours – helps ensure drivers stay on the specified route to get the job done in the appropriate time frame

ELD Compliance Made Easy

Fleet Complete ELD solution is an easy-to-use integrated solution with all essential features for individual drivers and fleets, automating tasks and reporting.

  • Our vehicle log solution prevents inaccurate reporting and on-road fatigue, eventually increasing the safety of the drivers and others on the road.
  • An Automatic and precise log keeping of hours-of-service crucially reduces the number of drivers.
  • Having real-time visibility on the driver’s duty status allows for optimal load planning while staying ELD compliant.

 Lower Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies recognize the value of GPS tracking for your vehicles and will typically offer a discount in the range of 10-30% on monthly premiums just for having a functioning device installed. Knowing that lost or stolen vehicles can be easily recovered with vehicle tracking devices gives insurance companies the confidence they need to offer lower rates. They also know that monitoring driver behaviours reduces the risk of careless driving and accidents.

Improve Customer Service

Happy customers are a priority for any business to remain successful and profitable. Establishing good customer relations helps establish lasting business connections. One way to build customer trust is by providing accurate estimates for deliveries and job completion times. When complications arise, as they inevitably do, you will have the ability to provide customers with important updates because you will be able to see the exact reason for the delay and how long it will likely take to resolve the issue.

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