You may or may not be engaged in the ongoing debate about the merits of keeping a home phone with the ubiquitous usage of cell phones around the globe. In the end, there is really no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to personal needs and preferences.

There are still a variety of valid and relevant reasons to have a home phone line even if you are an avid smartphone user.

TELUS Wireless Home Phone Plans

There are several different wireless home phone options available at TELUS depending on your requirements and existing plan. Wireless home phone options are accessible for existing TELUS Mobility customers, as well as non-TELUS customers.

Some options available include:

  • For TELUS Mobility customers
  • For non-TELUS customers
  • For Share Plan and Home Product customers

All TELUS wireless home phone services include:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 5 voice features
    • Voicemail 25
    • Call display
    • Call forwarding
    • Call waiting
    • Conference calling

Benefits of TELUS Wireless Home Phone Services

There is a wide range of advantages to be enjoyed through wireless home phone packages from TELUS. Some of the impressive benefits are:

  • Affordability
  • Portability
  • Call quality
  • Convenience
  • Enhanced safety


Unlike traditional home phone services, TELUS wireless home services deliver excellent value for the assortment of features and functions provided. Conventional landlines are typically expensive to maintain, with very limited versatility and functionality.

Any of the TELUS wireless home phone plans to choose from will offer a significant increase in features and capabilities while at the same time offering a much lower cost on a monthly basis than traditional landline packages.


Another considerable difference between TELUS wireless home phones and conventional landlines is portability. A traditional home phone stays parked in one location and can be moved only as far as the cord will allow. Wireless home phones provide much greater mobility options.

TELUS wireless home phones operate using an easy to use and conveniently portable Hub that can be taken with you wherever you may need it. It is simple to transfer to the office, the cottage, or can be quickly set up in a hotel room while you are out on the road. Stay constantly connected and never worry about missed calls with easy portability.

Call Quality

Many people tend to hang on to their old landline services because they prefer the call quality of a home phone over a cell phone. Numerous consumer reports and quality assurance tests indicate a significant increase in voice quality when using a home phone. One reason for this is that TELUS wireless home phones minimize interference from devices being used on other frequencies.

Better sound quality can be advantageous if you spend a lot of time on calls, have any degree of hearing loss, or may be straining to follow a conversation in a noisy environment.


TELUS wireless home phones are extremely easy to install and operate for optimal user convenience. No technician is required for installation as the process can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Insert your SIM card into the TELUS Hub
  2. Plug your existing wireless home phone handset into the Hub
  3. Plug the Hub into an electrical outlet in an area that gets good mobile reception

You are now ready to start making and receiving calls using your existing phone number.

Enhanced Safety

TELUS wireless home phones can help improve your home security and personal safety in a few different ways. One big safety benefit of a home phone is the advantage it provides in the case of an emergency. When calling 911 from a cell phone, GPS services are used to identify your location. This can only confirm the general area the call was made from. For example, it would not be able to pinpoint the apartment number if the call was made from an apartment building. One the other hand, a call made from a home phone will direct emergency services to a specific address.

Also, home security systems work more conveniently with a home phone rather than a cell. Plus, TELUS wireless home phones provide a reliable backup when cell services may not be available.