Constructed with impressive new camera assemblies, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series provides users with the ability to capture professional-grade images and expertly recorded video. The Galaxy S21 lineup consists of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the S21+, and the S21 Ultra. Anyone looking for a TELUS Phones with top of the line camera functionality should take a deeper look into the S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra is designed with a 5-camera set up and is the superior device in the set. The S21 and S21+ also deliver exceptional camera systems, both with a 4-camera assembly.

Camera Features & Upgrades – Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

The Galaxy S21 device range does not disappoint when it comes to camera power and versatility. An array of remarkable upgrades have been made to the entire set for clearer and more vibrant images and video in almost any environment.

High Quality Video

A variety of new features are available with the Galaxy S21 series, providing users with multiple options for recording sound and visuals.

  • Director’s View to record video from different viewpoints at the same time with multiple cameras
  • Vlogger View offers dual recording of rear and front cameras
  • Cinema-Grade 8K Video Recording reduces the blur caused by recording while moving
  • Multi-Mic Recording to use more than one audio sources at once
  • Unlimited recording time ensures your recording session does not end prematurely

Bright Images in Low-Light Settings

Bright Night improves the ability to capture crisp and vibrant images even when lighting is extremely poor.

  • AI technology quickly adjusts in dim lighting
  • Automated multi-frame processing
  • Advanced night mode enhances detail in dark environments

Natural High-Quality Selfies

Authentic Selfie is great for producing quality selfie images that do not look like they have been artificially enhanced.

  • Remove blemishes blurry details while preserving natural skin tones and texture
  • AI-Restoration
  • Studio-level Lighting enhancements

Image Sequencing

Single Take 2.0 is a fun feature that provides the ability to capture a series of shots with the push of a button.

  • 0 upgrade captures more image frames per second
  • Images are provided in a 10-second video clip that can be played back in slow-motion
  • Detail and effects can be enhanced

Exclusive Camera Features – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has received some additional upgrades to its camera set that are unique to this device only.

  • Dual Telephoto Cameras with 100x Zoom – Upgraded to a 10x periscope camera for better long-range zoom capacity
  • Space Zoom – Provides a long focal range to pan and focus backed by AI stabilization
  • Zoom Lock – Tripod-like stability uses AI technology to deliver a slight delay when in motion to remove blur and distortion
  • Ultra-High Resolution Camera – A 108MP sensor with advanced remosaic processing to crop clearer images with better colour fidelity
  • Quick Crop – easily crop high-quality images with complex detail

TELUS Smartphones

Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone of your choice with an applicable Peace of Mind service plan offered at TELUS. Peace of Mind plans allow you to use as much data per month as you need with no charges for excess data usage. Get connected to Canada’s most extensive mobile network while enjoying a host of useful features and benefits.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Features with TELUS

Not only the camera systems in the Galaxy S21 series have been upgraded, there are several other useful updates and added features that make this smartphone set appealing.

  • Improved display
    • Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display
    • Full HD+ resolution
  • Longer run times and faster charging
    • Li-Ion 4000-4800 mAh battery capacity
    • Fast wireless charging capability
  • Enhanced speed and protection
    • Android 11 OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip
    • 128GB and 256GB storage options, 8GB of RAM
    • 5G network compatibility
    • Corning Gorilla Glass protection
    • S Pen (S21 Ultra)
    • Floating notifications & improved search
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