Enhancing communications with customers and clients is an excellent way to improve customer service and form lasting client relationships. Finding ways to be more accessible and available to customers when they require service is essential for repeat business. Cloud phone systems can help increase convenience and functionality for employees and customers alike. 

How does a Cloud Phone System work?

As the name would suggest the platform is hosted on the cloud, to be accessed round the clock through an internet connection. This makes connecting with customers easy and convenient, and also provides business owners and managers with an assortment of useful data to personalize and customize client relations. This data is securely stored on a protected server to ensure that sensitive information is not accessible to unauthorized parties.  

Cloud systems operate over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, that makes phone calls possible from any device connected to the internet with a microphone and speakers. This is an excellent platform for streamlining your business communications, while reducing operating costs at the same time. TELUS offers this exceptional service for businesses of all sizes and scopes through TELUS Business Connect.

Useful Features and Functions of TELUS Business Connect

TELUS Business Connect offers users a cloud communication and collaboration system that is feature rich and versatile to accommodate a wide range of communication needs. This comprehensive service effectively links all your team members, across all their various departments.  

Some of the excellent features for business to take advantage of, include:

  • Integrated locations
  • One phone number operation
  • Reduce communication costs
  • Video and Audio conferencing
  • Easy management
  • Improved productivity

Integrated Locations

VoIP technology for Business Connect is an excellent way to integrate multiple offices or locations into a single communication platform for better uniformity and less confusion. It allows companies that operate out of various locations to all work under the same phone number for ease of customer contact. Users at any location can be easily added and removed as part of the system. 

One Phone Number Operation

Businesses with multiple contact numbers can cause frustration for customers and clients that have to try several numbers before they reach the person or department they are looking for. Cloud phone systems help simplify your company contact information providing a single local and toll free number, that can be accessed on virtually any device. Offering a toll free number is a great business feature, as callers know they will not be hit with any unexpected charges.

Reduce Communication Costs

Using cloud based VoIP phone technology for business communications is an excellent way to cut down on expenses. The TELUS Business Connect service comes with an assortment of useful features at no extra cost for your business. This is also cost saving for your customers as they will never experience any additional charges regardless of the location and device they are calling from.

Call Conferencing

Video and audio call conferencing features are extremely useful business features that help employees easily stay connected with each other as well as clients. It is also a great way to hold meetings, eliminating the need for time consuming and productivity killing commutes. This function is also excellent for remote workers collaborating on group projects. 

Easy Management

Business connect makes it easy to manage all calls for your business, as well as useful customer data. Information like call logs, caller locations, and talk time can provide better insight into each client to offer more personalized customer service. The all-in-one portal hub also allows for call forwarding and call routing to ensure important calls are never missed. 

Improved Productivity

All the excellent features inherent in cloud phone systems help improve productivity, performance, and communication. Better communication between coworkers means better business operations for your staff as a whole. More accessible communication with client’s means more dedicated customer service, and happier customers. Getting things done more quickly and efficiently helps improve overall productivity. Synching all communication practices into one integrated platform can help reduce headaches and overall expenses for your business. 

To know more about TELUS Cloud Communication platform, please contact our sales specialist. 

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