A smart home security system not only provides peace of mind but also offers the convenience of remote monitoring and control. What’s more, it aids in accumulating lower insurance premiums.

In this article, we will explore the importance of home security systems and how TELUS can assist you in setting up the perfect system tailored to your needs.

Why Smart Home Security Systems Matter

Here are some of the instances where you will realize how valuable it is to have smart home security systems installed at your place:

Safety of Your Family

The security of your loved ones and your priceless belongings is crucial. To protect your family, TELUS smart home security system has features including hazard detectors, glass breaks sensors, motion detectors, smart cameras, and more. Real-time warnings and notifications will be sent right to your smartphone so you can rest easy knowing that your house is safeguarded round-the-clock.

Vacations without Worry

TELUS knows a vacation should be stress-free. No matter where you are, you can make sure your house is secure with a single tap on your smartphone and a smart home security system from TELUS. With its devices, you can remotely monitor your home using door/window sensors, security cameras, and smart locks, giving you peace of mind and deterring anyone who may be eyeing to disturb your peace.

Home Automation for Efficiency

The smart home security system offers security features as well as smooth home automation integration. This will let you reduce energy costs and simplify your regular tasks by integrating smart bulbs, smart thermostats, and smart plugs. You can also control your home appliances with voice commands using Amazon Alexa integration, and never worry about the plugs you have forgotten to remove or appliances and lamps you have left turned on.

How TELUS Can Help

TELUS recognizes that every home is different, and their team of professionals will collaborate with you to create a personalized smart home security system that satisfies your particular needs.

Here are the ways they can help you with:

Personalized Solutions

They assess the design of your property, find any potential weak points, and suggest the best security-enhancing equipment and arrangements. TELUS ensures the best protection and peace of mind by customizing the system to your home’s requirements, providing optimal protection and peace of mind.

Professional Installation

Once you’ve decided on a smart home security system, the installation will be handled by skilled experts from TELUS. Their knowledge guarantees that every device is properly configured and incorporated into a centralized system, enabling simple control and monitoring.

DIY Installation Options

If you’re confident about your installation skills or feel more secure when handling these things on your own, TELUS makes it easier for you to accomplish such tasks. For this option, the products will come with easy-to-understand instructions and a DIY installation plan you can follow without a sweat.

You need not worry if something amiss happens while flexing your skills. TELUS provides a hotline that you can reach out to explain the hurdles and help you get back on your installation journey in no time.

24/7 Guard Response and Professional Monitoring

TELUS offers 24-hour assistance, ensuring any queries or issues with your smart home security system are swiftly resolved. You can also have a guard sent immediately to your home in case of an alarm for checking and verification purposes. This feature is an added layer of protection and tighter security for your home.

Final Thoughts – Trust TELUS

With TELUS, you know you’re in the right hands. The company has a proven track record of keeping Canadian homes safe. Working with ADT, the company combines its skills and knowledge to offer the best smart home security options available today.

If you want to benefit from remote monitoring, improved safety features, and home automation integration with complete solutions, you can get in touch with their sales specialist to get more details about TELUS Home Security.

Contact our sales consultant to learn more about getting a reliable home security system for your home. Home Security services are available for Personal, Business and TELUS EPP customers.