Foldable phones are making a strong comeback thanks to the latest flagship release from Samsung. The smartphone mogul has introduced two foldable devices to the smartphone market: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. Both models are available at TELUS and can be paired with a variety of personal and business plans to get coverage from Canada’s largest mobile network.

Early attempts to reintroduce foldable phones were generally unsuccessful, as the initial devices released by Samsung and other companies left much to be desired. These introductory units were quite feeble and highly susceptible to dirt, dust, and liquid contamination. However, Samsung has made some serious durability upgrades to the Fold3 and the Flip3; making these TELUS phones favourites in the foldable market.

Benefits and Features of Foldable Phones – TELUS Samsung

Aside from looking cool, there are a variety of advantages and excellent features to be enjoyed with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phone.

Diverse Display Options

Unlike a traditional flat smartphone, foldable phones offer different display options depending on preference and the task at hand.

Galaxy Z Fold3

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, the display options are extremely impressive. When folded, you will have access to a 6.2” AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection and 120Hz screen refresh. Then when you unfold the device, you will be treated to a massive 7.6” AMOLED display, also with 120Hz refresh and 1200 nits.

Galaxy Z Flip3

The Flip3 also has some interesting display options. The cover display is quite small, 1.9”, but still practical for quick reference and receiving notifications. When the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is unfolded, it features a 6.7” AMOLED display with 120Hz screen refresh and 1200 nits. You also have the ability to lock the Flip3 at virtually any angle you unfold. This is particularly useful for sitting the phone upright for watching shows, video chats, and versatile selfies.

Multi-Tasking Capabilities

While the Galaxy Flip3 is capable of a range of multi-tasking options, the Galaxy Fold3 is the real winner when it comes to handling several tasks at once. When unfolded, the Fold3 can be split into two separate full-size screens for an assortment of different applications. This is not only great for work tasks, but it is also useful for looking things up on one screen while communicating or watching video on the other screen.

Immersive Entertainment

The Galaxy Fold3 is again the champion here, providing a tablet-like experience for all your entertainment purposes. The unfolded screen is not only excellent for playing games and watching movies, shows, and music videos, it is also ideal for reading. Since the device already folds out like a book, it is only practical that it would make the Fold3 a natural e-reader. It is only a matter of time before apps start catering specifically to this type of device.

Convenience & Flexibility

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in particular is incredibly convenient for easy portability. With the ability to fold the phone in half, it creates opportunities to fit the smartphone into small pockets and bag compartments for safe travel. You will not find this capability in any other phone with the same level of functionality and features.

The Fold3 also offers practical convenience when you consider it actually functions as a tablet. Enjoy a tablet-sized display with the ability to fold it in half and quickly store it when you are on the go.


Both the Samsung Galaxy X Fold3 and the Flip3 have received significant durability upgrades. One problem with the original Galaxy Fold was its vulnerability to dust particles getting under the display. Samsung has corrected this issue with two protective approaches. First, the device is constructed with a sweeping hinge mechanism that uses tiny nylon fibres to sweep away particulates when the phone is folded and unfolded. Extra protection has also been given to the internal components, safeguarding them against dust and liquids. Both Samsung Galaxy Z devices have an IPX8 rating for water-resistance.

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