Corporations, government agencies, banks and associations can now offer their employees practical and appealing benefits with TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). Also known as the Employee Purchasing Program, treat your staff to amazing discounts on a wide variety of premium smartphones and mobile devices from renowned providers like Apple, Samsung, Google, and an assortment of others. A range of businesses and organizations are eligible for this program for instant access to deals and monthly savings.

Organizations Eligible for the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program

Depending on where you work or who you work for, joining TELUS EPP is a great opportunity for your business. Typical organizations that become EPP members include:

  • Banks
  • Government agencies at all levels
  • Corporations
  • Realtors
  • Unions
  • Associations
  • Variety of other companies

Generally, the TELUS EPP program is geared towards corporate employees, and if you are curious to find out if you qualify you can contact Custom Cellular TELUS for more information regarding eligibility.

Business Advantages of TELUS EPP Membership

The benefits of joining the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program extends to business employees and their families. Some of the great advantages to be gained include:

  • Savings on monthly plans
  • Lower cost on smartphones
  • Bring-it Back program
  • Continuing Deals and Promotions
  • Experienced Customer Support

Savings on Monthly Plans

Monthly discounts are a huge bonus of signing up to be an exclusive TELUS partner. The savings are extremely practical because they offered on something almost everyone these days is already paying for anyway. Monthly costs for smartphones and the service plans to operate them can get expensive. Reducing these monthly expenses can bring about peace of mind and the ability to save money for other purposes.

Lower Cost on Smartphones

Paying retail price for the newest smartphone releases is not the recommended approach. For one thing, the prices are often inflated when a new device is released making it difficult to afford. Also, as time passes prices drop considerably which is why many people wait to purchase a smartphone until the price comes down. TELUS EPP grants access to a reduced rate on the latest devices for a more affordable solution.

Bring-it Back Program

Looking for even further reduction on the upfront costs of mobile devices? EPP members can also get in on the Bring-it Back program to upgrade an existing TELUS smartphone or purchase a new one. Applying the Bring-it Back promotion to a newly purchased smartphone can result in having to pay $0 down for premium devices.

Continuing Deals and Promotions

Enjoy continual offers and promotions with TELUS EPP membership. A variety of deals will be presented on an ongoing basis to help ensure you get the hardware and plan you are looking for at an affordable price. You can conveniently make online purchases at any time and have your new mobile device shipped for delivery or arranged for curbside pickup.

Experienced Customer Support

Do you have any questions or concerns about your account or the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program in general? A knowledgeable and experienced customer support team from Custom Cellular is available to handle your inquiries anytime via chat, phone, or email.

How to Learn More About the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program

For further information on eligibility, benefits, and details about the TELUS EPP program, you can reach out to your Custom Cellular TELUS representative. Employers can find out more details about the program and how it benefits their employees. Additionally, if you are employed by a large company you may already have access to EPP discounts and are just not aware of it. Joining the TELUS EPP program and taking advantage of the excellent perks that go with it makes good sense for your business.

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